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Market Research Report||Microarray Markets||Aarkstore Enterprise

Posted May 16 2011 6:19am

A microarray is an arrangement of miniaturized test sites or "spots" on a surface. Each spot is usually no more than 250 micrometers in diameter and contains biological molecules--usually DNA or protein--which act as probes for a test sample applied to the array. The surface may be a glass slide, a plastic plate with wells or a polymer bead. The microarray format allows many tests or experiments to be performed simultaneously, in parallel, leading to the generation of huge amounts of biological information for the application of only a tiny amount of sample. Microarrays are often also known as "biochips". The purpose of this Publications report is to describe the specific segment of the microarray market aimed at analysis of proteins and DNA. Protein microarray applications include: 1) expression profiling; 2) serum-based diagnostics; 3) protein-protein binding assays; 4 drug-target binding; and 5) receptor epitope binding. It examines the market for DNA and protein array testing equipment and supplies using screening reagents and instruments for analysis of individual components in blood, serum or plasma. It defines the dollar volume of sales, both worldwide and in the U.S., and analyzes the factors that influence the size and the growth of the market segments. Also examined are the subsections of each market segment, including the research labs, hospital labs, and commercial laboratories. Additionally, the numbers of institutions using this type of testing and the factors that influence purchases are discussed. The report surveys almost all of the companies known to be marketing, manufacturing or developing instruments and reagents for the protein array market in the U.S. Each company is discussed in depth with a section on its history, product line, business and marketing analysis, and a subjective commentary of the companys market position. The five main objectives of this analysis are:

· Identifying viable technology drivers through a comprehensive look at platform technologies for DNA and protein arrays, including, probe-based nucleic acid assays, microarrays and sequencing.

· Obtaining a complete understanding of the chief DNA and protein array tests from their basic principles to their applications.

· Discovering feasible market opportunities by identifying high-growth applications in different analytical diagnostic areas, focusing on the biggest and expanding markets.

· Focusing on global industry development through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for DNA and protein array technology, including growth forecasts.

· Present market figures regarding the current value of the microarray market, projections and growth rates. The source of this information is the most current data derived from the global diagnostic industry.

By purchasing this report, you will have:

· An understanding of the most exciting microarray market segments, current and future.

· The latest information on leading products and research and development (R&D) initiatives.

· Familiarity with recent developments and their effects on selected markets.

· Knowledge of the microarray market as an area of growth, research and investment.

Key questions answered in this report:

· How can microarray tools and technologies facilitate drug discovery, design and development?

· What are the main types of array technologies that are currently available?

· Who are the current key players in this marketplace?

· Which microarray market areas have the greatest potential for growth?

· What is the current state of the microarray market?

· Which biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are investing in microarray solutions?

· What are the main microarray business strategies adopted by leading companies?

· What are the benefits of microarray technology platforms?

This report contains:

· Detailed analysis of recent trends in the microarray marketplace.

· In-depth profiles of 16 leading companies with microarray tools and technologies.

· A five-year forecast for the microarray market in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

· Views and principles on the microarray industry from leading industry experts.

· Analysis of potential microarray applications in the life science sector.

· Market predictions and trends analysis concerning U.S. expenditure on array solutions.

· Projections for future applications of microarrays in drug discovery, from the industrys R&D perspective.

· Analysis of commercial microarray business strategies.

· The latest news and developments in the microarray marketplace.

· A comprehensive overview and insight into microarray business strategies.

Table of Contents :

1. Overview 4
1.1 Statement of Report 4
1.2 About This Report 4
1.3 Scope of the Report 5
1.4 Objectives 6
1.5 Methodology 6
1.6 Executive Summary 7

For more information, please visit :

Contact: Sanaa


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