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Market Research Report by Aarkstore Patient Monitoring Markets

Posted May 19 2011 10:38am

Patient monitoring is vital to care in operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units and critical care units. It has proven invaluable for respiratory therapy, recovery rooms, outpatient care, transport, radiology, catheterization laboratories and gastroenterology departments, as well as for ambulatory, home and sleep screening applications. Patient monitoring can reduce the risk of infection and other complications, and it can assist in providing for patient comfort. Moreover, patient monitoring products measure, display and document physiological information obtained at regular intervals over time from sensors attached to the patient or other input devices. The qualifier “at regular intervals over time” is used to distinguish patient monitoring devices from diagnostic kits and devices, which are typically used once or a few times to diagnose a patient’s condition and/or plan a course of therapy. Measured parameters include electrocardiogram (ECG), invasive and noninvasive blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry, body temperature, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2 and other specialized parameters. Products vary from specialized single-parameter instruments to monitors with the ability to measure multiple parameters and interface with other instruments.

This report assesses the patient monitoring device market drivers and bottlenecks from the perspective of medical and manufacturer communities; discusses the potential benefits of the patient monitoring device market for various sectors of the medical community; establishes the current total market size and future growth of the patient monitoring device market and analyzes the current size and growth of various segments; provides current and forecasted market shares by the company; provides strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities and assesses current commercial uses of the patient monitoring market.

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction 11
1.1 Objectives of this Report 11
1.2 Scope of this Report 11
1.3 Methodology 12
1.4 Executive Summary 13
1.4.1 The U.S. Medical Device Market 13
1.4.2 Supply and Demand Fundamentals 13
1.4.3 Sector Convergence 14
1.4.4 Future Forecast 14
1.5 The Leader in Patient Monitors 22
1.6 U.S. Market for Patient Monitors 22
1.7 Indian Market for Patient Monitors 22
1.8 South East Asia’s Patient Monitoring Market 23

2. Market for Diabetes Monitoring 25
2.1 Market for Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strips 27
2.2 U.S. Market for Diabetes Care 28
2.3 Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Device Market in Asia-Pacific 29
2.4 Reviews of the Latest Glucose Meters 30
2.4.1 Abbott Glucose Meters 30
2.4.2 Glucose Meters from Bayer Healthcare 35
2.4.3 Glucose Meters from LifeScan 40
2.4.4 Glucose Meters from Roche 46
2.4.5 Glucose Meters from Home Diagnostics 49

3. Sleep Market 57
3.1 Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Sleep Apnea 57
3.2 Existing Therapies for Sleep Apnea 58
3.3 Market for Sleep Apnea 58
3.4 ResMed Corporation’s Sleep Business 59
3.4.1 Airflow Generators 59
3.4.2 ResMed’s Mask Systems and Diagnostic Products 61
3.4.3 ResMed’s Competitors 64
3.5 Pictorial Profile of a Few Sleep Products from ResMed 64
3.6 Sleep Products from Philips Respironics, Inc. 70
3.7 The Awakening of the Sleep Market 73
3.8 New Investment in Sleep Apnea by GE and Intel 74

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