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March 2012, close to 50,000 page-views, is the busiest traffic month for

Posted Apr 01 2012 12:14pm
Since the inception of in November 2010, has been growing stronger everyday.

At the beginning, the site was attracting only about 5,000 page-views per month, March 2012 marks the busiest traffic of the month that the site has known with more than   and March 8th attracted   So far, the site has drawn about in 16 months of activity.
march 2012 traffic March 2012, close to 50,000 page views, is the busiest traffic month for

Alexa tracks the traffic that goes to the websites on the internet and ranks them according to the amount of visitors. EyeDrD is currently ranked#580,197  in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings and the site has attained a traffic rank of 248,747 among USA sites. The site has become international as more than half of its audience comes from outside of the USA. According to the Flag Counter, 183 different countries have visited the site. 

chart March 2012, close to 50,000 page views, is the busiest traffic month for

Flag Counter Analysis

The goal of is to provide a forum for discussion of wide range of issues related to medical/ osteopathic medicine , health, eye care, alternative medicine, and society and international current affairs.

Recently, focus has been paid more to political and international events as year 2012 represents an important political year for the countries that I love; USA and France are holding presidential elections, which will determine the direction of the countries.

I do not forget the daily struggles of 90 million Vietnamese, who lack the basic human rights and live in an oppressive communist regime. March 5th marked the Human Rights day of Vietnam as Vietnamese-Americans have matured in their political power in garnering about 150,000 online signatures in a month in order to lobby with the White House about their concerns of human rights violations in Vietnam. More than 700 Vietnamese-Americans held their first day at the Capitol to lobby with the nation’s representatives. has joined in the above efforts to disseminate the human rights condition in Vietnam and the so-called Viet Khang Movement . has posted a dozen articles regarding this movement and those have attracted about 12,000 page-views. The following posts are related to the Vietnamese-American community’s efforts.

As April marks the Black April in the Vietnamese people and history when Communists took control of the whole Vietnam in 1975, national reconciliation has not taken place even after 37 years that the war had ended. Currently, more than 4 million Vietnamese and descendants live abroad. I would like to open a column talking about the Vietnamese Nation in an effort to close off the divide among the Vietnamese people.

I would like to invite contributors from all walks of life to share your opinion and have your voice to be heard. 

I know there are thousands of Vietnamese blogs out there who would write so much better; however, most of them are in Vietnamese. We need English language blogs to let the world know about Vietnam’s current conditions. is an emerging English language blog advocating for human rights and democracy and providing a voice to the voiceless. This site is non-partisan. It cares only about the truth as my alma mater’s motto “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free” has ingrained in me. 

The University of Texas at Austin March 2012, close to 50,000 page views, is the busiest traffic month for

The facade of the Main Building. The inscription reads: "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free".

I would like to thank your readerships and contributions to the contents of the site. I would like also to thank my helpers behind the scene to make this site running.

Please know that your readerships and contributions to the contents keep the site to survive. I hope this report will compel you to contribute your writings and make your voice to be heard.

Thank you again and until next time,

Tayson DeLengocky, DO

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