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Lump on the side of the penis

Posted by ChrisH

Ok I am a 25 year old male.  I work out approx 5 times a week and am in good shape.  There is no history of cancer or serious illness in my family.  About a week ago I noticed a lump on the side of my penis approx 1/4 inch from the bottom of the head of my penis.  I am circumcised and have not suffered any severe trauma to the gential area.  Also I have not been sexually active for a little over 4 months.

The lump appeared very rapidy within several hours as I check my penis and testicles regularly.  basically it was not there in the morning and was there that night full sized nothing gradual about it.  The lump is completely painless and provides discomfort only on a self conscience level.  There is no skin discoloration or ther symptoms associated with it.  No ulcers, discharges, irritation, external skin issues, nothing.  My penis is exactly what it was with addition of a lump.  The only attributing factor I could find through research was stress and withint he last month I have had lots of it.  The description of the lump is as follows:

 It is connected to the underlying tissues of the penis, more specifically the corpora cavernosa I believe or tissue directly above it with no connection to the outer skin level.   The lump is almost directly on the left side of the penis offset slightly towards the top of the penis but only enough that the lump is not visible from the underside.  It is approx about the size of a small pea when limp and slightly larger then a pea when penis is errect.  There seems to be a slight tail of tissue that is very thin that trails towards the head of the penis but stops.  Basically it resembles a sperm cell with the very thin tail.  There is no pain. There is absolutely no bend or change to the penis other then the addition of a lump with no indications of ED noted.  Everything works as advertised in all respects.

Ok I have been doing a little research and with the  holidays here will be a few days before I can see a urologist.  I am hopefully looking for an answer or self treatment options to try as I am very self conscience about it.  Here's the the thing though that I don't understand without asking a more specific question then has already been posted previously:

 For the most part the lump stays the exact same size minus the difference between limp and errection where a small size increase is noted or possibly with the stretching of the skin and enlargement of the penis it merely "appears" bigger.  For the most part it appears as a "knot" a slightly hard somewhat permeable mass of what feels like scar tissue. 

Anyways tonite after a complete cycle of errection, orgasm, and deflation of the penis the lump seemed to deflate much like a baloon.  The tissue was still there but was no longer a solid mass.  Merely felt like tissue.  Shortly thereafter the lump became a solid mass again.  Short of going to the urologist which will be a couple days, what the heck is going on with my body and what can I do to fix it.  Thanks for any support or help.



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Chris, It won't be possible to get a diagnosis or treatment for your problem online, because any information about a condition might or might not actually apply to what you have  -- you really do need to see your urologist. And do tell us what it turned out to be after you see your urologist. Good luck!

I don't have an answer for this... but I have the exact same problem, other than the tail like thing. After you go to the urologist, could you email me what he says at ? I would greatly appreciate this... I'm  scared to death, i'm 17 and would rather not have to talk to my parents about it if at all possible...

I have the same prolbem. I would like to know too if you guys found out what it is. This is really freaking me out too. If you get any answers, could email me too:



I have started getting the same problem. Has anyone received any answers from a doctor?   Please e-mail me at:
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