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London leading the way with MSU and urine sample collection

Posted Feb 26 2010 4:21am

Patients in Germany complaining of symptoms of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) are catheterised. Why? Because the microbiologist needs to assess the nature and degree of bacteria in the urinary tract and not from subsequent contact with skin or labia.  Without using an aseptic sampling method – such as catheterisation, around 30% of all samples (Libshitz 2001) reaching the laboratory in the UK are contaminated. The UK microbiologist has to use a high degree of skill to be able to determine the difference between normal (commensal) bacteria and those causing infection. The trouble is that this makes the test more subjective and friendly bacteria in the right environment can become, or are infectious.

Would routine catheterisation put patients off coming forward? The answer is probably yes, a catheterisation is not a dignified  procedure. So there needs to be a good alternative.

Working with their clinical colleagues, microbiology specialists are therefore seeking a better method and clinical trials to assess new systems are now underway. The forerunner is the Peezy urine collection system .

Already in use by leading Harley Street Gynaecologists, it is envisaged that this new, dignified urine collection system will modernise current archaic practice as it automatically and safely takes a clean, mid-stream sample without any fuss. Peezy was designed by NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte and subsequently won design awards with NHS Innovations. It is another example of how the UK is leading the world with fundamentally good, patient-centred medical progress.

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