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Lack of Sex and Exercise Raise Risk of Heart Attack

Posted Mar 23 2011 12:00am
Hi Robyn,
I am 38 weeks pregnant and am worried that my baby isn't moving as much as normal. What should I do?


Ask a Nurse Answer: This is a common fear that many women have when they pregnant. In order to determine whether or not your baby is moving enough you should do a fetal kick count test. Find a quiet ad comfortable place to lay down on your left side. Take a piece of paper with you and count the number of baby moments you feel. If you reach 10 movements in less than 2 hours then your baby is moving sufficiently. If you have felt your baby moving some, but less than 10 times in 2 hours then you should notify your doctor.

Be sure also to drink plenty of water and pay attention to any signs of headache, blurred vision, or pain in your abdomen. Anytime you have concerns about your baby you should always contact your doctor.
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