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Just in Time for Valentine's Day: Raw Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake

Posted Feb 12 2012 12:00am
Hey y'all!

One of my favorite people I have met on Google+ is a guy named Raymond Ho of   Zen My Fitness . I'm going to put his site into my Link Love box so you can pull Raymond up any time you want. I was attracted to Raymond because he combines his Zen spirituality with body building/fitness and get this... raw food. His feed on Google+ is as entertaining as it is informative, and some of his recipes are to die for!

This morning Raymond posted a recipe for a Raw Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake. I died and went to heaven. When I came back, I thought of y'all.


I'm sharing this recipe with you from Raymond's Ho's Google+ feed, so you totally have to give him credit for the recipe. Better yet, click on his website and check him out.

Raw Chocolate Cherry Lava CakesRaw Lava Cake Base1 cup raw pecans1/2 cup of dates3 tables spoons of Cocoafew splashes of Almond (oat, rice, dairy) MilkPulse nuts first untilBlend rest of ingredients together until nearly smoothLine ramekin moulds with glad wrap ( or similar ) press in mixture about 6 mm thick to make a cup.Roll rest of mix flat between baking paper and cut out a round shape to match the diameter of the ramekin for a cover.Place both in freezer while making filling.Raw Cherry Lava Filling1 avocadoHand full of fresh Cherries4 tables spoons of Raw Honey2 table spoons of Cocoa1 teaspoon on vanillasplash or two of Almond milkSimply blend until smoothRemove Ramekins from freezerRemove formed cups from Ramekins ( if they are stuck place in hot water for a few seconds)Fill cups with fillingPlace cover on top and press ends togetherTurn upside down and place back in freezer for 30 minutes and serve and devour.

Donna again: When you break these open, the chocolate filling oozes out like lava. Garnish with a cherry that has a stem.

The recipe does not specify how many cupcakes the recipe makes.

You can use a muffin tin if you do not have individual ramekins.

It may be hard to get fresh cherries in February. I know our grocery store often carries frozen ones. Do not use Maraschino cherries. You can probably get fresh raspberries, and I know you can get strawberries now. I think any of these would be a special treat for Valentine's Day that is actually healthy.
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