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John Stone 100 Percent Accurate and 100 Percent Wrong

Posted May 17 2010 10:55pm
Those who write for Age of Autism sometimes can write a story that is 100% accurate and 100% wrong. Ok, maybe not 100% accurate. John Stone in BMJ Editor Refuses to Acknowledge Brian Deer’s Role as Complainant in GMC Case provides a great example.

But first, why does it matter who complained to the GMC about Dr. Wakefield?After the story that Brian Deer published in 2004, the GMC had to do some investigation. What's wrong with Brian Deer sending a letter to the GMC the same day that his article appears in the newspaper? Nothing. But he didn't.

At least not the way it happened according to the GMC, the people you think would know. But Stone manages to leave out what they had to say. It must have been hard to leave them out because a search for GMC brian deer complainant returns this first   Was Dr. Wakefield the complainant in his own GMC case?  in  2010 and this second Brian Deer Not a Complainant  in 2009.

There's no requirement that Stone believe that the GMC is telling the truth. But surely he has the obligation to put forward that they have to say. I would post this as a reasonable, polite comment at Age of Autism, except that it is futile. Age of Autism takes its role as Big Brother very seriously and will not allow any information to appear that contradicts the party line.

Just another reason that after reading anything at Age of Autism or other vaccines cause everything to go wrong websites and think they might be correct, make sure to do a few minutes searching and find out what was deliberately left out.
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