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Is Chloramphenicol safe?

Posted by Unhappy L. Facebook

Last month I've found several swollen submandibular lymph nodes. I went to my Gp and some surgeons, and they all told me that they are reactive lymph nodes, and I should leave them alone. Well, I couldn't let them that way, I wanted to know what caused them. 
So two days ago, I went to ENT and he examined the lymph nodes and also the nose. He told me to make the hemoleucogram, urine test, and some nasal analysis. Also, he wrote some prescription with: 
-Diagnosis: vestibulitis + something else, but I really can't understand what. 
All good, but he also prescribed me a drug called 
Now I may be paranoid, because I read too much about it, but I'm really afraid of the side effects I read. Also, I heard that manufacture of this drug was stopped in Us. I'm not from Us, but though, I really want to know if I can trust my ENT or I should go to a second ENT for a second opinion. 
I'm a guy, 18 years old; from Romania. 
Thank you in advance.
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