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Insulin, Salk and Connaught Laboratories

Posted May 25 2010 10:28pm
One of the more amusing aspects of commenting at Huffington-Post is the accusation that I'm a shill for Big Pharma.

One problem is that I'm Canadian and live in Toronto. So it isn't likely that I'm working for any American group. If I worked for anybody, it would probably be Aventis Pasteur. They have a complex less than 20 miles from where I live that does Research, Development and Production of vaccines (not the flu vaccine).

The original company was Connaught Laboratories. owned by the University of Toronto. Connaught Labs was the beneficiary of the Canadian inventors of insulin Banting, Best, McLeod and Collip** selling the patent to the university for one dollar. Let the Dr. Offit cracks begin.

Connaught was instrumental in the Salk vaccine trials.  They invented medium 199 which was used to grow the polio virus. They also supplied the polio virus used in the Salk trials. See  It was only after reading that article did I drive around the outside of the complex. It is in the center of the map. 

**The traditional view is Banting and Best invented insulin.Th e Nobel prize went to Banting and McLeod. Banting gave half his prize money to Best. McLeod gave half his to Collip. I took one course in history from Michael Bliss, a great historian, who gets lost when it comes to recent politics. Bliss argues that McLeod did not get the credit he deserve.
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