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Insomnia: definition, risk groups, HOW TO GET IT TREATED !!

Posted Jul 03 2010 12:00am

Hello to all readers, please read it till the end
i would like to talk today about "insomnia", which is a common problem that everyone may have experienced during his/her life.

By definition, insomnia is difficulty in sleeping that can be due to either:1. Difficulty falling asleep2. Waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep3. Waking up too early in the morning4. Unrefreshing sleep

If you have one of the above, then you have insomnia

Factors that make you more likely to get insomnia:1. Women are more likely to experience insomnia more than men 2. Advanced age3. Medical or psychiatric illness (as depression)
What causes insomnia ?1. Stress2. Environmental noise3. Extreme temperatures4. Change in the surrounding environment 5. Sleep / wake schedule problems 6. Medications (may cause insomnia as a side effect)
  So what is the treatment for it ?Drugs that contain anti-histamine are present over the counter. Besides there are sleeping pills that will help relief insomniaHowever i recommend you read the following advices before rushing to the medications. 

Let's go: 1. Don't have caffeine drinks in the evening2. Don't go to bed unless you feel sleepy3. When on bed, if you didn't sleep in 15 minutes then get out of the bedroom and don't return unless you are sleepy4. Avoid any behaviour in the bed or bedroom other than sleep or sexual activity
5. Establish a fixed wake time and eliminate the time u spend in bed without sleeping
6. Don't take your problems to bed
7. Avoid naps
8. Avoid clock watching in bed as this will lead to frustration and anger that will interfere with sleep

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