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IL bill proposes Chicago to become a state, separated from IL

Posted Nov 25 2011 9:57am
email IL bill proposes Chicago to become a state, separated from IL
November 24, 2011. Springfield.

IL Cook IL bill proposes Chicago to become a state, separated from IL For more than a generation, the Richard Daley political machine, along with well-connected family and friends, treated Chicago like their own personal, sovereign country. One New York journalist once referred to it as, and suggested the city’s form of government was more in line with Communist China than the Unites State. Now,

Actually, Chicago wouldn’t disappear, as it does in some other proposals. – There are plenty of successful examples like New York and Nashville. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rahm Emanuel, the Cullertons, Madigans, Burkes and Daleys were all suddenly unemployed and had their hands removed from the switches of power? It would be the first time since the 1870’s that those families weren’t in complete control of Illinois’ government.

The Illinois Republican proposed a bill that would make Cook County the country’s fifty-first state. Chicago, along with its surrounding suburbs, make up Cook County.

Mitchell explained to his hometown paper, the Decatur Tribune, “These liberal policies are an insult to the traditional values of downstate families. When I talk to constituents, one of the biggest things I hear is ‘Chicago should be its own state…Our voters’ voices were drowned out by Chicago.”

The state legislator’s sentiment isn’t without merit. The Chicago power-players mentioned above control not only Chicago government, but Cook County government, the Illinois State Legislature and now, even the White House. Yes, President Obama and most of this staff are proud products of the notorious Chicago Machine. One need only look at his Chief of Staff for evidence – first Rahm Emanuel, now Bill Daley. One is the former Mayor’s brother, while the other is now the current Mayor.

a dream. And unlike most other new States that are created by annexing land and then declaring their independence, Chicago would be reverse-annexed and literally asked to leave the Land of Lincoln. But while Constitution experts argue over the process by which Cook County would be made the nation’s 51st state, this column wonders something different.

What if Cook County’s charter were simply revoked by the Illinois Legislature? As far as Illinois’ downstate Republican go, they could care less what Chicago does after that or whether it becomes a state of its own or is scooped up by Wisconsin or Indiana like an NFL free agent. As out of step as Chicago is with the rest of the country, and as intertwined as it is with Washington, one might wonder if Cook County would become another Federal territory, just like Washington DC and hundreds of other swaths of land across America.

What would a state of Chicago look like?

That would give . More likely however, Chicago’s ‘collar counties’ would stay with their powerful neighbor. If the entire ‘Chicago region’ is included in the new state of Chicago, the city and its surrounding six counties would have 8.3 million citizens, leaving central, western and downstate Illinois with only 4.5 million.

If the small survey this author performed last night is any indication, the proposal might go further than its critics suspect. The responses that came into this column were unanimously in favor of dividing Illinois into two states and isolating Chicago like a plague victim. The respondents were all residents of Chicago and the sentiment was universal. “I’d love to see Chicago become its own state” one said, “The first thing I would do is move to Illinois.”

Via Examiner: Ill bill would make Chicago 51st state

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