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I have numbness in my arms, associated with the flu, & high fever.

Posted by katie m.

I came down with the flu yesterday morning, with all the normal symptoms; sneezing, fever, nausea, sinus & chest congestion, caughing, and aching body. I just had the flu a few weeks ago. Anyway, yesterday a few separate times during the day, when my fever would be at it's highest, my arms and hands were cold & numb. I get sick all the time, and have had many fevers in my life and this has never happened. Is this normally associated with a fever? I don't have a thermometer so I don't know how high it was but I do know it was pretty bad, I was burning hot and in a lot of physical pain. Today, my fever has calmed down a lot and is just mild. If it comes back like that, should I go to a doctor?

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