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I have a small white bump on the inside of my right eyeball. My eye is blood shot around the bump but no where else. It has been

Posted by slseye

There is no itching, burning, or crusting of the eye. People keep asking about it and telling me to go to a doctor. I do not have insurance and it hasn't been bothering me too much except that some days it is really bloodshot. I have been wearing my glasses lately too rather than my contacts. Im just not sure what it is and what I should do about it.

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You have a pterygium. Plenty of information on the net about it. I find it is worse if I am dehydrated. As ir is caused by sunlight make sure you wear sunglasses outdoors and take a good quality eye supplement to prevent it getting bigger. From my own experience fatty foods (i.e. bad fats not good ones like olive oil) and too much sugar also aggravate the problem.

JL, Sydney

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