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I am due to have a laparoscopy this week as I have uterus bicornis bicollis. Does anybody have information on this condition?

Posted by missinquisitive

Im struggling to find information about this condition online and I wont see my doctor again until the day of my operation. I have two sets of ovaries, two wombs and two cervixes, which has only been realised after years of tests.

Im concerned about my future and likelihood of being able to have a family... Its something iv always wanted and my bf and I have said we would wait another couple of years ideally. Im 24 years old and dont want to put it off if the risks are greater. My pre-op nurse said my chances of having children after 30 are very slim so that I should consider this at least as I would be likely to need a caesarean.

I feel as though I am receiving such mixed information from doctors etc. I can appreciate that its a rare condition but I am seeking more information to clear up my worries. 

Any advice would be appreciated! 

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