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How to get rid of Hideous Varicose and Spider Veins

Posted Dec 12 2012 5:55am
Have you ever noticed how unattractive your legs look with those spider and varicose veins? Those red and blue veins that crisscross your lower extremities are truly bothersome, making you feel self-conscious when wearing short pants or skirts, and envious of other women who have flawless legs. You are not alone; most adults are faced with this problem. Men are also afflicted by this as they age. You are most likely wishing that you could get rid of them for good. Yes, as in permanently. Just how good does it feel to know that there is a solution to these unsightly veins.         

This solution is called sclerotherapy. The veins are treated with the use of a saline solution that isinjected directly into them. The vein collapses, which is absorbed by the body because of the saline solution. Generally, you are a good candidate for conservative vein therapy in Minnesotaif you are in good overall health.

It is important that you wear loose clothing such as short pants on the day that you go to the doctor for your treatment. This way, it is easier for the target area to be within reach. First, a topical anesthetic is applied onto the skin so as to ease any pain. Don’t worry, you will feel little or no pain at all during the treatment process itself. Next, a saline solution will be injected by the doctor, you might feel a slight spasm especially if you have larger varicose veins to be treated.          
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The injections are done more or less once every inch throughout the length of the vein to be treated.   Then, the blood inside the vein will clot and the vein walls will stick together as a result of the solution being injected. Your body will dissolve the rest of the vein, making it fade away gradually.   Be a little patient as this process will take about 6 weeks. One treatment can be enough for you, however, if you have larger varicose veins or large groups of spider veins, you may have to undergo 2 or 3 treatment sessions.         
After your sclerotherapy in Minneapolis, you don’t need too much bed rest.   In fact, you can go back to work on the same day. Your doctor will only advise you to avoid strenuous activities, hot baths and sun exposure for at least a week. Walking regularly and wearing support stockings promotes healing, so they are a must during your recovery period. Don’t panic too much if you see bruising or swelling on the treated areas, see your doctor and you will be advised accordingly.

After the ugly varicose and spider veins are gone, now you can enjoy wearing any clothes you want.   No more feeling too conscious about your legs, thanks to sclerotherapy.   

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