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How Has the Healthy Eating Market Performed?

Posted Sep 19 2012 9:30am
Consumers are now more conscious about what they eat and look to purchase more healthy food items that provide them nutrition. Obesity is a serious health issue that has come into spotlight and to overcome this people has shifted to a healthier diet comprising of more greens and fruits and less of junk food. 
The main reason for the rise in health food industry was because of the connection made by the scientific community between diseases and junk foods, and the fact that on an average an individual in the United States consumes more than sixty-five pounds of fat each year. There has been a rise in the organic food industry along with the increasing awareness regarding health, protection of the environment, food safety as well as animal welfare reforms. 
With the aging population looking for a healthier diet there like opportunities in the health eating segment.  
Individuals now prefer salad ba sed lunches which are quite filling and healthy too. Many manufacturers have now started using low fat and low calorie ingredients do develop an edge over competitors. Also there has been a rise in the production of sugar free cakes and sweets targeted for those who have a sweet tooth. In UK a quarter of the people suffer from obesity.  business report
Therefore if awareness is spread then there lies a lucrative investment possibility in the healthy food segment in the U.K.
Under the healthy eating market foods that contain vitamins and herbs make up a large part of the segment. In the U.S 87% of the consumers take some form of dietary supplements. In the year 2009 the weight loss industry was nearly $60 billion. The health conscious trend is spreading through different countries quickly. Gyms have become a big business along with the rise in sale of health products and supplements.
Here the main challenge for the chefs and caterers would to make the healthy dishes tastier as this segment is beginning to gain more spotlight. Also changes would have to be made as per changing consumer taste. Restaurants need to cut down on the fatty food and oils and replace it with healthier options to widen their market base.  industry analysis   
Strategies must be developed to promote healthier eating if manufacturers of health foods wish to sustain in the market. It is mainly due to the lack of awareness of the consequences of unhealthy eating that majority of the people especially the youngsters have not yet opted for a healthy diet.

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