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HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Services for Long-term Care Facilities

Posted Dec 16 2011 3:18am

transcription services With HIPAA compliant medical transcription services, long-term care facilities can remain assured that their patients’ health related information is well-protected. Apart from long-term care facilities, healthcare entities including hospitals, group practitioners, individual physicians, nursing homes, private practices, outpatient clinics, rehab clinics, acute care facilities, and multi-specialty practices benefit from medical transcription services that comply with HIPAA guidelines. HIPAA compliant medical transcription firms ensure privacy and security of patient data entrusted to them.

Effective Security Measures to Safeguard Patient Data

Professionals in these companies are trained on HIPAA compliance and are fully aware of the rules and regulations involved. A reputable medical transcription company will have advanced dictation tools, techniques and software to provide secure and timely transcription services. In order to ensure accuracy, all transcribed files are re-verified, proofread and reviewed using state-of-the-art medical resources. You can request transcripts for patient history and physical examination reports; procedure notes, progress notes, consultation, health, laboratory, scan, operative and X-ray reports; clinic notes, discharge summaries, follow-up notes, and more.

Strict privacy is ensured through HIPAA compliant work-flow and policies such as:

. Password protection and encryption to safeguard patient records

. Unauthorized access, retrieval, review and modification of crucial data is prevented

. Firewalls and antivirus software on all computers are updated daily

. 128-bit encryption for all file transfers

. Regular backups of data and computer systems to ensure better security for patient data

. Secure FTP website for file transfer

. Regular Windows updates

. Lockers used for data storage are protected with passwords to restrict illegal access

. Entire workforce trained on HIPAA regulations

. Experienced additional personnel specially designated to monitor all compliance

. Changing norms of HIPAA are constantly kept track of

. External drives such as floppy disk drives and USB ports are disabled to prevent illegal copying of documents

. All the employees are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement; and many more.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Transcription

An HIPAA compliant medical transcription company offers a wide range of benefits to long-term care facilities:

. Fast turnaround time from 12-24 hours

. Low cost transcription options

. Easy document retrieval system

. Flexible dictation options

. Time and effort saving procedure

. Multi-level checks by professionals to prevent errors

. 24x7 customer support for general queries

. Secure file transfer

. Streamlines business processing

. Guaranteed data security

. Ensures privacy of patient records and data

. Increased data efficiency

Under federal law, it is very important to ensure the security and privacy of patient records. Being a healthcare professional, make sure that the confidentiality and privacy of your medical data is maintained. It is important to approach a medical transcription company that guarantees strict confidentiality for your medical records. HIPAA compliant medical transcription outsourcing firms will take care of all your medical transcription needs.

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