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have you heard of really big lymph nodes being removed if it is not Cancer .. It is the size of a golf ball on my neck .. My fa

Posted by Melissa G.

I have a lymph node the size of a golf ball on my neck  ... It does hurt alot of times when I move my neck .. I had it checked for Cancer 2 weeks ago , the test came back no Cancer Thank God ... But my family  doc, wants it removed .. Have you ever heard of it being taken out if there is no Cancer ??? What is the surgery like ?? How long would I have to be out of work ?? How safe is it ?? What all is there to the surgery ??? How long does the surgery take ??? Is it a in and out surgery or will I have to stay in the hosptial ??? I still have not heard anything for the doc, that my family doc, sent me to  to check it out

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