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Five natural foods to help you lose weight successfully

Posted Feb 11 2014 3:02am
For carrots can induce insulin secretion thus stored fat to say, the expert explained: "Although some more sugary foods will stimulate the secretion of insulin, but the insulin does not increase the excess fat is stored and used as a carrot. low-calorie foods, a person is almost impossible to eat enough carrots as well as stimulate insulin rises. "Instead, carrots are one of the most comprehensive nutrition natural food, rich in vitamins. In addition, it also can give rise to a feeling of fullness dietary fiber sources.

While Apple taste sweet, but it's sugar is fructose rather than sucrose. So it is slowly absorbed in the stomach, does not cause a sudden rise in insulin. Apple contain dietary fiber and pectin, with lower human LDL (myocardial infarction can cause "bad" cholesterol) effect.

Bananas do contain sugar than other fruit, but it may also raise blood sugar levels. However, this can quickly supply energy fruit does not increase body fat storage. Bananas contain potassium and magnesium in these two minerals can prevent excessive sweating and muscle cramps caused by the loss of minerals. Bananas also as an alternative to sweets without ruining your diet plan. paiyouguo
But note that bananas contain more carbohydrates. If you schedule a day diet plan, there are bananas, should be deducted as part of the staple food.

4.Bread and bread
Bread cereal food really heat very concentrated. But any food to eat more than necessary will be converted to fat deposit. The problem is that people often eat too much, and eat something together with pasta, such as butter, cheese, etc., but also increases the calorie intake. If you exclude food products in the diet, especially whole grains, B vitamins and iron intake may Moreover, the dietary fiber in whole grains will give rise to a sense of satiety.

5.Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are low in calories, but also quite satiety, whether it is used as a staple food or non-staple food, is a good diet food.
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