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First website launched allowing patients to search for a specialist by diagnosis

Posted Jan 27 2012 4:54am

When a patient receives a diagnosisThe process of determining which condition a patient may have. they, their families and friends, are rightly expected to get involved in making decisions over suitable treatments and specialists. In collaboration with senior teaching hospital consultants, the new Consultant-Search website is the first site with an inbuilt ‘search for specialist by diagnosis’ function helping patients to choose from a list of appropriate leading medical specialists.

The ever-expanding diagnostic search function on Consultant-Search has over 1,500 consultant-defined diagnoses that are linked to a choice of specialists. This means that the patient, upon doing an internet search, will immediately find an appropriate choice of specialists. The subsequent degree of site functionality and expert links means that the patient, family or friends can ask questions, seek further information and request consultations. These are the initial steps towards making an informed choice and playing an active role in making vital medical decisions. Although the diagnosis might be in medical terms, such as ‘acuteHas a sudden onset. or chronicA disease of long duration generally involving slow changes. otitis mediaInflammation of the middle ear, the chamber of the ear that lies behind the eardrum.’, the search will also include the common lay terms such as ‘ear infectionInvasion by organisms that may be harmful, for example bacteria or parasites.’ or ‘earache’.

To begin a search for your diagnosis on Consultant-Search please click here .

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