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Female Friendly Urine Collection – sample collection made more dignified for women

Posted Nov 28 2009 10:02pm

There are a number of established, conventional ways for women to provide a urine sample for medical analysis, none of which guarantees a mid-stream, and most of which engender contamination of the sample. This can yield a false-positive result, a requirement to re-test, delayed or inaccurate diagnosis and the prescribing of a broad-spectrum antibiotic instead of something targeted to treat the prevalent infection.

Designed by Dr Vincent Forte, Peezy is a cleverly engineered funnel that is shaped to fit the female perineum comfortably. It features a special duct onto which the standard Universal Container fits, below which there is an overflow outlet. There is no need for the patient to think about anything more than releasing her urine stream. She does not need to worry about start-stop-start, wet bottle, wet hands, toilet seat or floor.

The patient simply positions Peezy against her body, and “lets go”. Peezy does the rest: the first-burst of approximately 10ml exits via a void at the base of the funnel which is fitted with a compressed cellulose sponge.

On contact with the urine, this sponge expands to fill the void; the urine is then contained within the funnel to the point where it flows into the Universal Container, which fills with pure “gold-standard” mid-stream.

Once the bottle is full, excess urine is diverted via the overflow spout, into the toilet below. It cannot return into the funnel which, with a normal stream, cannot overflow.

When she has finished, the patient counts to 20 to ensure the sponge had drained. She lifts Peezy away from her body, unscrews the container, throws the funnel into the bin and puts the lid onto the bottle.

The upshot of this simple process is a dignified, dry patient, dry environment and a pure mid-stream sample for prompt and accurate medical analysis.

For more information on the Peezy please see the article by Dr Forte, or click on this simple form.

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