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Endometriosis in the Guardian

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:47pm

The Guardian has posted an article about Endometriosis. We asked endometriosis specialist Ertan Saridogan for his opinion:

This article in the Guardian website describes endometriosis, its symptoms and treatment in a simple language. The use of diagrams is helpful and the article covers the majority of questions women who have or likely to have endometriosis may ask. The authors grouped treatments into ‘treatments that work, treatments that are likely to work and treatment that need further study’. This is presumably based on available evidence from randomised controlled trials. Interestingly surgery hasn’t found a place in the ‘treatment that work’ group altough it is likely to be the most effective form of treatment. This is because randomised controlled surgical trials are difficult to organise and conduct. Although medical treatment options are listed as ‘treatments that work’ their effectiveness is limited to control of pain and recurrence rates after discontinuation of treatment are high.

Overall this is a useful resource for women and their relatives.

Dr Saridogan has previously written an article about the treatment for endometriosis.

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