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Egg Donation Lawsuit Receives Response From Fertility Clinic

Posted May 20 2011 12:00am

If you have been diagnosed with low semen volume , don't worry. Fortunately, from a reproductive point of view its the quality, not quantity, of sperm that matters when determining whether or not one is suffering from male infertility.

Here are 5 simple ways that you can help make sure your semen quality is top notch condition:
Reduce Cell Phone Talk Time
New research shows that the electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phones affect male fertility hormones testosterone and luteinizing hormone. In a study released yesterday , Canadian researchers found that men who spend the most time talking on their cells, had the highest risk for low quality sperm and low semen volume.
Boxers, Not Briefs
Although many men prefer snug undies, your sperm actually prefer something looser. Studies show that men wear tight fitting briefs have higher testicular temperatures, which is associated with low sperm counts.
No Laptops In Laps
Did you know that in just 10 to 15 minutes of laptop usage while the computer sits on top of your legs can increase your testicular temperature by 1.8 degrees? That’s more than enough of an increase to cause reduced sperm quality, low semen volume, and male infertility. The whole purpose of the testicles staying outside of the body is that they need to remain cool. Keep them that way.
Healthy Diet, Add Vitamins
To optimize you sperm, you can start by optimizing your overall health. Make sure you are getting at least the recommended 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, cut out unhealthy fats, sugars and simple carbohydrates. It may also be a good idea to take a high quality multivitamin to help improve cell and tissue health.
Early Treatment
If you suspect that you may need low semen treatment , don't hesitate to call the doctor. The quicker that a fertility expert can evaluate your sperm and semen levels, the quicker he or she can resolve any underlying issues and get you back on track to starting a family.
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