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Effects of a Flu/Pneumonia Shot Sept. 15, 2011

Posted Sep 18 2011 1:35am
WOW am I glad I did a "SEARCH" on the net for Flu Shot "Problems"!!!
Now, I got the shot on Thursday, 9/15/2011,  along with a Pneumonia Shot in the same arm. By the next day, Friday, my arm felt like is was going to FALL OFF with so much pain!!! I worked a normal "10" hour day....drove home and could hardly get out of my car. The pain was so INTENSE in BOTH my HIPS I could barely walk to the back door. I went to bed at 9:00 PM, never did that before, and almost CRIED because I couldn't even turn over on bed because the hip pain was so INTENSE! Just so every one knows I have an EXTREME HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE, as associated with having two collapsed discs 11 years ago with NO BLOOD Flowing to my right leg and was still working 10 to 12 hour day's before back surgery 4 days later! The Doctor had stated at the time that he really hated people like me with a High Pain Tolerance. The reason for this SHORT story is that the HIP PAIN HURT 100 times more than by back. THE SWEAT that was associated with the shot was so that my side of the bed and my clothes were soaking WET!! My wife changed this in the middle of the night only to be SOAKED again towards morning. I couldn't even turn over in bed the PAIN was so intense. I woke up at 8:00 and my wife said she would work for me today. I fell back to sleep and the next thing I heard was the phone ringing at 1:35 in the afternoon! I was OUT!! This FLU SHOT WAS JUST PURE HELL and PEOPLE should KNOW WHAT the side effects can cause! I will THINK TWICE before I even "CONSIDER" getting a flu shot next year!!!
AND Helen was diagnosed with a Liver Infection on Thursday while we were getting the SHOTS from HELL!!! The Blood work didn't come back on Friday, for Helen, to see what course of action to start with her. We'll have to wait now for Monday.....and we LEAVE on Wednesday for Vacation too!
What a crappy time to have problems!!!!
Have a Good Sunday~~~~~
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