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Earlier Communications with the same MD Professor at UNTHSC

Posted Feb 17 2011 1:52pm
As several readers have questioned the entirety of the content and the context because they do not believe how a professor could only provide such a pointed and short reply. Some seems to start accusing the ‘bashing” of one of the best professors, even though I never revealed the identity. I believe in the debate of issues rather than personal attack. Therefore, the following communication exchanges, the name will be crossed out.
Early August 2010, I sent a letter to the faculty and staff members at UNTHSC, who are educators, to urge them to take a stand against the prejudice and discriminations against their students.
The professor was prompt in his reply as follow: Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 06:28:21 -0500
Subject: RE: Letter from Tayson DeLengocky, DO-TCOM2002 The addition of the allopathic school in FW under the UNT flag will ONLY enhance the TCOM brand.  Dr. Ransom's success in gaining financial commitments to this program shows the support this concept has in the community. If, as expected this gains approval from the UNT BOR, AOA/TOMA would be FOOLISH to continue this ludicrous campaign.  Both the Tech system and the UT system will be more than happy to continue moving the process forward. Name and Title 
My prompt reply to his email was as followed: Dear Dr.---:
I acted on my own initiatives because i wanted to give back to my profession and am committed to TCOM students deserve the best opportunity of training. I thank you for being part of the teaching staff. I am not opposed or against allopathic schools. Many of my mentors are MDs.

I acknowledged that MD brand is a better known brand because 93% of physicians are MDs.

Would you be able to point out if the reasons i opposed to an MD at UNTHSC were wrong?

-UT-Southwestern is planning a $billion to build a new school in Austin.
-Foster medical school in El Paso cost $ 150 millions to be built

Do you think $ 21-25 millions for start-up cost of UNT MD school is a reasonable assessment?  If so, what kind MD school would you like it to be compared to the above schools?
Don't you think that a better TCOM that trains qualified students as any other MD schools and produces as good physicians, be better than a small MD school that no one will know of? isn't it better being as good and unique, will make you stand out than being the same like anyone else?
Don’t you think it is a travesty to have 2 medical schools on campus? If TCOM were to grant MD degrees, would you be still proposing for another medical school on campus? The question is if you think TCOM students are not qualified, then don’t admit them and don’t train them!.

We are all physicians with the desire of helping people. We are supposed to be teachers and healers. Would teachers be supposed to be discriminatory against the students who want to learn? DO students choose their career pathway.
At my practice, premed, medical and residents rotate thru here. I don’t make distinctions.

Just a thought! Have a good day and thank you again for teaching TCOM students!

Tayson DeLengocky, DO The following was the reply: The model proposed is working quite well at Michigan State, and the $25 million dollar startup cost is within 10% accuracy.  My interest is in protecting the school.  THERE WILL BE AN ALLOPATHIC SCHOOL IN FW, it should be on our campus.
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