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Don't Ask, "What Can You Give Me?" Ask, "What Can You Teach Me?"

Posted Mar 23 2011 3:43am

T he word doctor means teacher. Calling someone a doctor originally meant that they were so well versed in their area of expertise that they were qualified to teach about it. A physician originally meant someone who was an expert in the physical, natural properties of the world.

Unfortunately, neither of these words accurately describe what happens in a doctor or physician’s office today. In America, doctors are prescribing $300 billion worth of unnatural medication every year while spending less and less time teaching and talking to their patients.

Patients know more about their computers and their cars than they do about their own bodies. They need someone to teach them about their anatomy and physiology so that they know what’s normal and what isn’t. They should be taught how to spot problems early and how to fix them quickly, easily, and naturally.

Abraham Maslow said that if you teach a man to use a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. unfortunately, medical doctors have been taught to prescribe drugs so the whole world looks like they need drugs. It’s how they were taught in school and it has been reinforced by the pharmaceutical industry.

The next time that your medical doctor reaches for their prescription pad, ask them to help you understand the problem and how this medicine will help. Ask what the alternatives to medicine are and what you can do instead of or in addition to taking the medicine to make you healthier.

Dr. Marc Tinsley is the People Repairman™ and the founder of Fitness For The Rest of Us™.   He is a health, fitness, and wellness expert who takes the fear, difficulty, mystery, and confusion out of exercising, eating healthier, and taking better care of yourself.   He energizes individuals and organizations so that they can stop losing money, and be more productive.


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