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Does Tetanus Vaccine Prevent Rabies

Posted by ittiandro



Hi !

My 25 yrs old son has been recently treated at the emergency ward  for a minor dog bite  on the thigh while he was walking his own dog, but  the doctor and the nurse who treated him didn't think it necessary to administer an anti-rabies vaccine, only an anti-tetanos vaccine. Of course I am worried, even more so that the dog biting him was part of a pack of dogs belonging to vagrants ( bumms)who ply the city downtown streets. 

I was unable to get more info from the treating personnel because my son is  technically an adult and the privacy laws do not allow to divulge personal information on his file.


I am worried and my question to you are:

1. Are there any medical reasons why a doctor could safely  exclude the risk of contracting rabies, only hours after the bite was received?

2. From some other health sources I contacted by phone, I heard that a tetanos vaccine is effective against rabies as well . Is it true?


My son is perfectly satisfied that he received proper care and  doesn't want to " waste his time " ( as he put it) to get a second opinion. 

In a few days I'll see my own doctor and I'll ask her the question, but I'd like to know if you have any comments, to allay my fears as a parent, because I don't want to live the next few weeks or months with a Damocles' sword on my head, fearing the rabies symptoms may develope.


Thank you



Franco Vivona

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