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Does Philosophy Miracle Worker Really Work?

Posted Oct 18 2013 10:06am
What is Philosophy Miracle Worker?
Philosophy Miracle Worker cream is a luxurious cream designed to hydrate and nourish the skin, making it soft, supple and overall healthier and more radiant. This cream works by repairing the skin's natural barrier and is said to brighten the complexion, enhance bovine collagen production and protected the skin from free radicals. This cream  is said to work more successfully when used with The Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads.

How does Philosophy Miracle Worker Work?
This cream is said to work through the power of the awesome benefits of the anti-oxidant known as Resveretrol. This anti-oxidant is most usually found in wine grapes and it said to be able to help reverse the signs of aging and polluted skin. This cream also has a lot of hydrating oils that will make your skin smoother and softer. Some of these oils consist of macadamia plant seeds, sesame, olive, fruits, sunflower plant seeds, maize and linseed oil. This cream uses these healthier substances together with the impressive anti-oxidants to make this “miraculous” face cream.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Ingredients:
The substances list for the Miraculous Anti-Aging Concentrate is actually pretty impressive.  The main thing is that, it is free from the parabens, sufates, and other nasties. There are several good antioxidants (algae extract, vitamins E, B, and a couple of different forms of C) plus peptides, herbs including green tea extract, and several moisturizers. There are also a few ingredients that work either to enhance your skin’s collagen (arginine, peptides and ceramides) and improve your moisture barrier (Cetylhydroxyproline Palmitamide, rapeseed sterol). Finally, there are the standard emollients, stabilizers, and even a couple anti-microbial to keep the product from getting germy. Since they’re so high up the list, they may also help keep your face from breaking out due to bacteria. Philosophy Miracle Worker contains all natural ingredients which enhances the production of collagen.

Philosophy Miracle Employee Pros:
Help to moisturize the skin.
A good antioxidant
Rejuvenate skin, reduces fine line and wrinkles.

Philosophy Miracle Employee Cons:
Many problems about breakouts when using this product
Works best when used with the retinoid shields (which are even more costly than the cream)
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