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Does GMC act for Patients or for the Industry?

Posted May 25 2010 3:28am

There is far more to this story than meets the eye. Why have questions around the use of mercury (Thiomersal) in the vaccine still never been properly answered?

Following yesterday’s decision to strike Dr. Andrew Wakefield from the medical registry, The National Autism Association says that the GMC actions show a lack of scientific integrity.

According to families affected by autism the GMC decision: “Provides further evidence that science linking vaccines and autism is being suppressed at the expense of children’s health”. Dr. Wakefield co-authored the case series reported in the British Journal, The Lancet, in 1998, which identified a novel inflammatory bowel disease in children diagnosed with autism.  This association has been repeatedly confirmed by subsequent studies.(i ii iii iv v) The actual findings were not the subject of the GMC hearings, which many parents believe to have been an attempt to derail future autism research efforts that might bring vaccine safety concerns to light.

“Unquestionably, the GMC had predetermined they would find The Lancet doctors guilty of professional misconduct in an effort to discredit not only their work with these twelve children, but any possible association between the MMR vaccine and autism,” says Washington DC-based public interest attorney Jim Moody, Esq.  “They acted on two false premises:  first by confusing diagnostic clinical tests with research, and second by claiming there were no ethics committee approvals that covered the research aspects of The Lancet paper.  There was — but the prosecution failed in their duty to identify it.”

Wakefield Situation quite Extraordinary

There is clearly something very wrong when his patients and the public seem to be on the side of the doctor, but the GMC use every opportunity to run Dr Wakefield down. Despite the hysterics, the numbers of measles cases in the UK remains pretty well unaffected – 13 confirmed cases according to the HPA.

Why have the GMC never spoken out against the mercury-based preservative that was used in the vaccine?

There is far more to this than meets the eye.

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