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Does chest pain mean I have a heart problem?

Posted Jan 18 2010 5:36am

Prof Lahiri’s article – Chest Pain – Cardiac or not? gets straight to the point. Are these chest pains as a result of something wrong with my heart, or worse still, do I have silent disease? There is really only one method to accurately diagnosed heart problems and that is by Dual Source Cardiac CT Scanning. Prof Lahiri explains the modern approach to cardiac diagnosis and care in plain English.

Benefits of Dual Source Cardiac CT Imaging:

  • Imaging time is 15 seconds, total time is 35 minutes
  • Early detection and improved prognosis due to earlier treatment
  • Pick up “silent” disease especially important in diabetic patients
  • Diagnose extent and progression of disease
  • Conclusively rule-out cardiac disease or not
  • Low radiation exposure, comparable to traditional CT
  • Non invasive, low risk to patients
  • Anyone concerned about their heart and seeking the best diagnostic test can call 0203 358 0359 or click here to contact Prof Lahiri.

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