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Do you have any information on vapors and odors from plastic interactions in crawl spaces?

Posted by mamajune

We had our 53 yr. old house crawl space "encapsulated".    Before we had it done, there was no odor or moisture problem. A strong unpleasant odor developed and came up through the floor boards.   It persisted for 8 months, until we had the plastic vapor barrier removed.   Now it just smells like soil , not really unpleasant at all. 

The very old vapor barrier had been left under the new.  Neither of the plastics had an odor after they were removed from the crawl space and neither does the soil.   The foam sprayed on the walls has not been removed, but is has no odor.

Any ideas?   We are going to have the  soil tested.   For what though???

SOS!!! mamajune

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