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Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis: Two Completely Preventable Colon Diseases

Posted Jun 03 2012 12:56pm
Hey y'all!

Last weekend my youngest son graduated from high school! It was a great experience but I didn't have time to create a new blog post. Today, however, I want to get into how the colon can progress from being healthy to being so diseased doctors want to cut parts of it out. All of this can be prevented by taking care of our bodies naturally. If you like, please get yourselves up to speed by reading the following back posts
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When we have healthy colon function, toxic waste known as fecal material or feces (that's "poop" in the vernacular, people) is escorted out of the body through intestinal wave movements called peristalsis. I included a You Tube video showing gastric peristalsis in one of the above posts, but I'll repost it here, as well
  • The CBC will show an elevated white blood cell count, indicative of the body fighting off an infection. Bleeding causes anemia, so the hematocrit will be low with diverticulosis.
  • The abdominal Xray will reveal whether or not any gas has escaped from the diverticulae (bowel pockets/sacs) and is trapped up near the diaphram.
  • The CT scan will pinpoint either the diverticulosis or the obstruction in diverticulitis. The doctor will think, "Yup, I was right!"
  • A colonoscopy may be ordered for diverticulosis, but absolutely nothing should be placed in the rectum for diverticulitis. The risk of perforating the colon wall is just too great.
Then the doctor will come to the patient in the hospital and say, "Mr. Smith, the reason you are bleeding out of your rectum is because your diet is horrible! You need a high fiber diet!" The doctor will prescribe a stool softener, recommend something like Metamucil, hand the patient a diet sheet, and possibly set up an appointment with a clinical nutritionist.

For diverticulitis, the treatment is different. The doctor will tell the patient to fast. Why? To give the colon a break! An antibiotic will be prescribed, because the colon is infected. The doctor may even empty the contents of the stomach with a nasogastric tube.

If those bowel pockets "perf"- burst open and empty feces into the abdomen, the patient will be sent to surgery. The surgeon will cut out the part of the colon with the rupture, and redirect the colon outside the skin. That's right, y'all. Your abdomen will look like this after surgery:

Alternatively, you can read this blog for free, get educated, and start taking responsibility for your own health.

P.S.: I love you guys! I'm almost up to 10,000 hits in just six months! Please tell me the topics you are interested in seeing, and I'll start getting them up here!

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