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Did the Unabomber Use Tylenol For Murder

Posted May 19 2011 12:00am
Aloe vera gel has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many different ailments. The gel, made from the pulp of aloe vera plant leaves, is rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These gel components have been proven in many studies to have wonderful benefits for wound healing and skin inflammation. Here are 5 ways that you can use aloe vera gel to benefit your health:

  1. Moisturizing. The aloe vera gel is not only very moisturizing, but it helps form a natural barrier on the skin to prevent it from losing its own hydration. Women who use powder-based make-up are particularly susceptible to skin dryness so applying a layer of aloe vera gel under your make-up can help seal in moisture throughout the day.
  2. Spot Treat a Pimple, Fight AcneBelieve it or not, aloe is actually an antimicrobial in addition to being an anti-inflammatory. This is an excellent combination for a swollen and infected pimple. This gel also does not leave a greasy residue, perfect for those who have oily skin.
  3. Prevent AgingAs we age wrinkles and lines are formed due to stress, dryness, and loss of elasticity. Rich in Vitamin E and C, aloe vera gel helps restore firmness and hydration to aging skin.
  4. Reduce Stretch MarksAt one point or another many men and women will develop stretch marks. Whether it be due to pregnancy, a growth spurt, or changes in weight, the skin stretches in such a way that it causes many small tears in the layers of the skin – leaving a “stretch mark”. When applied to these small tears, aloe vera gel can help heal and reduce the appearance of these embarrassing marks.
  5. Heal a Sunburn – FastProbably what it is most famous for, aloe vera is a wonderful treatment for burned skin. On application it instantly cools down the skin providing comfort and relief. It also helps form a protective barrier on the skin while it nourishes and heals the burn. 
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    Why Is Aloe Vera So Good For You Skin?
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