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Contract Research Organizations Doing Admirable Job for Medical Science

Posted Jun 05 2012 3:49am

Few people are aware that the medicines and drugs that they take during their illnesses are backed by a lot of research. Only after going through different phases of safety checks and usefulness, these drugs are released into the market for consumption by the consumers. Pharmaceutical companies are behind the release of the drugs and marketing of the medicines.


But the crux of the work is done by people in the clinical research organizations, who tire day and night to establish the efficacy and safety of the drugs to make the lives of the common man disease free. It would come as a complete surprise that when a new drug molecule is marketed, it actually gets into preparatory phase many years before its actual launch.


Throughout these years, they are subjected to a variety of tests and procedures carried out by contract research organizations. which make them fit to be consumed by the common man. Many products that are marketed by the companies are drugs which are bought by the companies and sold under their banner. Very few are actually patented by the companies who have brought a new molecule into the market.


Such molecules are introduced into the market very less as it takes a lot of research and findings to establish a new venture as safe and beneficial to the people. Unless the molecule is not thoroughly checked for the safety and doesn’t have any reliable uses for which it is intended, then they fail to get into the market after FDA approval. This part is taken care of by the contract research organizations, which do a thorough check of the credibility of a new product in the market.


Clinical research organizations undertake the clinical trials, until the last phase, and also take part in post marketing surveillance and establish the safety of a new product. There are various steps that can be taken care of by a good organisation, and unless these kinds of work are not outsourced it also becomes difficult on part of the pharmaceutical companies to establish their products in the market.
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