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Colonoscopy Transcription Service - Achieve Maximum Benefits

Posted Feb 29 2012 8:22am

Colonoscopy transcription is the process of creating medical records of patients, converting the physician’s dictation into text format. Colonoscopy transcription services should be accurate, speedy, cost-effective and secure. To ensure that all these criteria are met, the process requires the right team, and the right technology. The best solution to ensure that all the necessary criteria are met is to outsource the entire process to a professional medical transcription company.

Colonoscopy transcription services include transcription of patient history, physical examination report transcription, transcription of consultation notes, diagnostic notes, progress notes and operative notes; transcription of follow-up procedures and discharge summaries. Apart from these, colonoscopy transcription also provides accurate transcriptions for:

* Preoperative diagnosis

* Postoperative findings

* Medications

* Treatment procedural notes, and more

Outsourcing colonoscopy transcription provides healthcare facilities with numerous advantages.

Advantages You Can Expect

Free up time of professionals: Medical transcription outsourcing frees up the valuable time of your support staff, managerial staff, and administrative staff apart from helping you make the best use of your own limited time.

Focus on core business: Medical transcription outsourcing helps healthcare professionals focus more on core business activities, by reducing their documentation burden significantly.

Cost savings: Savings on cost of transcription (both direct as well as indirect cost) is perhaps the most significant advantage of outsourcing colonoscopy transcription services. The cost savings can be as high as 30% – 40% based on the expertise of the service provider.

Benefit from the knowledge of colonoscopy transcription service provider: Healthcare facilities can benefit immensely from the expertise of professionals in the medical transcription company. You can gain access to an expert team and skilled services by outsourcing colonoscopy transcription.

Improved quality: To deliver superior quality transcription solutions, medical transcription companies employ a team of experienced professionals including editors, proofreaders, quality controllers and medical experts. Each and every report transcribed is reviewed and cross-checked by the quality assurance team.

Flexible modes for capturing dictation, multiple modes of document delivery and HIPAA compliance are among the other benefits. Another important benefit of outsourcing colonoscopy transcription is that backup copies of patient data are created and safely stored. These are available at the servers of outsourcing companies, which makes it easier to search and access patient records.

In order to fulfill the colonoscopy transcription requirements of physicians, medical transcription companies in the United States offer comprehensive, reliable colonoscopy medical transcription services at cost-effective rates. To achieve maximum benefit out of outsourcing colonoscopy transcription work, healthcare professionals should hire medical transcription companies that offer reliable colonoscopy transcription services at cost-effective rates.


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