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Chemical Causes of Disease

Posted Mar 24 2011 12:38am
We’re here to talk about the major causes of disease, which will interfere with your innate intelligence to express itself. Basically there are three major causes that don’t allow your body to adapt to stress, which were the physical causes that we talked about last week, the chemical causes which we are going to talk about today, and next week we’re going to talk about the chemical causes.

Today as far as chemical is more of what is poisonous to the body. It can be done through the environment and it also can be done through things you ingest, for example, things like food, water, and also breathing.

Food is a big thing, because 90% of what Americans eat is processed food loaded with chemicals and preservatives that make it very difficult for your body’s intelligence to adapt to it; which will cause a stress response to your body, meaning it will eventually cause it to breakdown and cause a disease state.
The goal is increasing your diet with raw, organic, unprocessed foods. 90% of your diet should be made up of unprocessed foods and not the other way around. In prior blogs we’ve talked about what one should be eating, like the one pound rule. You can look back and check out our weight-loss blog on what to eat!
I also suggest a book called “Eat to Live” by Doctor Joel Furhman. That gives you a good basic understanding of what you should be eating.

Another thing that we have to concern ourselves with is other chemicals that we take in: drugs. Pushed or prescribed, a drug is still poison to the body. Prescribed drugs are always a concern, because we think it’s really going to be helping ourselves but really it is just a poison that the body is taking on. For example, a person going through chemo for cancer, all that’s doing is killing the body and hopefully killing more of the cancer cells so that by the end of the treatment, hopefully the innate intelligence can rebuild the body.

Again, push or prescribed drugs are still a poison to your body. You should really look at what is in your control and try to eliminate the drugs from your diet and life and look at increasing your body with whole, organic, unprocessed foods.

Supplements should be added to your diet as well. Think of it as if you were building a ship. To build ship, you have wood and you have nails. The wood of the ship represents you, your body. The wood of the ship is the macro-nutrition; it’s all the food you should be eating, the whole foods. But also you should have the proper vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which are the supplements. The supplements are the nails that hold the ship together. You need both of those to have a sturdy ship, especially in today’s environment where the soil is depleted. You won’t get the same minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals in your produce like we used to.

Investigate and not rely on just the supplements, your body needs the whole foods as well.

Chemical stress is important, it’s a large topic. We have to look at the food we’re eating, the water we’re drinking, the air we’re breathing in, and the poison we’re taking in. These things are in our control: our diet, what we’re drinking, and eliminating the drugs.
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