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can extensive physical activity cause a pituitary gland to enlarge

Posted by dawson25j

My name is Alisha Anderson. My husband has recently been diagnosed with an enlarged pituitary gland.
I would like to ask you some questions but first I want to explain a little about the situiation.
My husband is 19 years old, no health problems what so ever. In December of 2009 he was in an altercation
that the hospital needed to do a CT SCAN. There was no growth or mass at that time. In Feb. 2010 my husband
went to basic combat training for the army, and extensive military police training. He had no problems what-so-ever.
Perfect all throughout the 6 months of training the he endured. He ran 2 miles in under 12 minutes, they did wilderness
survival where he had to walk daily or even run up to 15 miles. He had no problems doing push ups, and other extensive
exercises. He had no vision problems, no headaches, no dizziness throughout training.
 As soon as he got home he started having headaches.Thats when we found out that he had an enlarged pituitary gland.
So my question is:
Can extensive training and lots of exercise cause the pituitary gland to be over worked and become enlarged?
I have asked my husband endocrinologist and she said it can not, but when I asked the neurosurgeon he said
it is a possibility. The reason I need the answer to this question is the Army might medically discharge him because
of this, however if we can somehow prove that exercise and putting strain on the body caused this, he may be able
to get VA benefits.
Please help us find the answer to this.
Thank you
Alisha Anderson
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