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can a positive urine test that there was billyrubin in the urine be a sign of a kidney stone?

Posted by shawna1

my friend just found out that she had billyrubin in a urine test at her family docter  that she  just went to she had a urinary tract infection  for 2 weeks that  didnt go away  she has pain in her lower left side  could she have a kidney stone causing that  billyrubin to come up in her urine  she has no gallbladder she had it takin out but could she have a kidney stone if that billyrubin showed up in her urine or if she has a bile duct blocked is that serious and can be taken care of  she has  no gallbladder  so where  could  it be blocked  and she  was taking  azo pills  over the counter for her urinary tract infection which make your pee a dakk yellow  or  dark orange color when she had the  urine sample done  told the doctor on the phone last night about the  azo pills  doctor replied never heard of them  not very bright doctor if you ask me could those azo pills gave a false reading and there might not be any billyrubin in urine  they are sceduling for tests but in the meantime please get back to me to ease her mind
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