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Brother And Sister Stricken Down By Gardasil HPV Vaccine (SANEVAX Victim Of The Week Series)

Posted Nov 02 2010 1:13am

Healthy Americans Prior to Gardasil

Not ONE, but TWO children stricken down by the HPV Vaccine Gardasil. Read the story of how both a brother and a sister were both injured by Gardasil and their parents struggle to help save their children.

by Norma Erickson
November 1, 2010

Chad and Danielle, Florida:

When the time came around for her second injection, her parents had decided that Gardasil might be a good idea for their son, too. Less than 3 weeks after that, their nightmare began.

This is their story, as written by their mother. No one could tell it better that she did:

On 22 December 2009, under the advice of my children’s pediatrician, I had my daughter, Danielle vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine. The doctor gave me an information sheet showing what the side effects were: swelling at injection site, low grade fever, etc.  Nothing noted was unusual or dangerous. I didn’t question the fact that the sheet was last updated in October 2007. To my knowledge, there were no serious adverse side effects.

On 26 February 2010, Danielle, now 15, had her second shot of Gardasil along with the Meningitis vaccine. At the same time, I had my son, Chad (age 17), vaccinated with his first Gardasil shot along with the Meningitis vaccine. I questioned the nurse about the safety of getting both shots at the same time, and she said it was totally safe. Again, I was given the CDC sheet that was dated 10/2007, and there were no bad side effects listed.

On the evening of 17 March 2010, after having dinner, Danielle stated she felt really tired and wanted to take a nap on the couch. Chad and his father were in a different room and started a game of chess (I was not present).

After about 20 minutes, her father went into the other room and found Danielle sound asleep on the wood floor. He tried waking her up, and noticed there was urine on the couch and the floor. Danielle acted confused and had no clue why she was on the floor. When she was helped up, it was noticed that she had extensive injuries to her face. All of the blood vessels in her face were broken. She had a large lump over her eye, and the whites of her eyes were blood red. She looked like she was put in the ring with Mike Tyson.

911 was called and she was rushed to the ER. I met up with her father, Chad and Danielle at the ER. They ran blood work, took a c-scan and ran other tests. All came back normal. They asked if she was on any new medications, had done any drugs, or drank alcohol. The only thing we stated was that she had been vaccinated with Gardasil. They dismissed that all together.  She was released several hours later, and they stated they believed she may have had a Grand Mal seizure. While at the hospital, Danielle kept saying that her legs were jittery.

Bright and early the next morning (8am), an agent from Child and Family services was at my door, along with a police officer. They stated that they needed to talk to and examine Danielle. I explained that she was sleeping, that she hardly got any sleep the night before, but they insisted on seeing her.

Danielle was in my bed, so I brought them into my room. They made me turn on the bright overhead light and wake her up. They talked to her and asked her what happened and she said she did not know.

They then made me leave the room. They closed the door and continued interrogating her.  I stayed out in the living room. The police officer came out stating he needed his camera, because there was no way these injuries could have happened from falling off a couch.

After they were finished with her, they came out and continued interrogating me, asking me how this could have happened. I had no clue. They kept inferring that Danielle’s father must have done this to her, and I assured them that would have never happened.

Later that day, I found out from Danielle that when I was out of the room, they told her that it’s obvious to them that if she was not doing drugs, this would have never happened to her.

An abuse case was opened on us. The next day, we had to take Danielle for a medical exam. They made her disrobe and checked everywhere on her body for signs of abuse.

A friend did some research on the internet, looking for unexplained seizures in teenage girls. She called me and asked if Danielle had ever been vaccinated with Gardasil. This was when the connection was made.

After I did some research, I called the DCF agent and told her to research Gardasil. Within a month, the abuse case was closed.

Danielle saw a neurologist, who ran EEG’s on her. All came back normal. I explained about the problems girls were having with the Gardasil shot, but he refused to make a connection.

Danielle has woken up a few times with a bitten lip, but to our knowledge, she has had no more Grand Mal seizures (thank God). She has had numerous periods, however, of paralysis from the neck down. Her neurologist, however, stated this was ‘normal.’ He called it sleep paralysis. She never suffered from that in the past, so we don’t find it normal.

On the morning of 20 may 2010, while at work, my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was my children’s high school. They stated that my son, Chad, had just suffered a Grand Mal seizure. They asked which hospital I wanted him sent to, and his father and I met up with him there.

While in the ER, Chad explained how he was in class, when all of a sudden he had a strange feeling. He lost his hearing, and then started hearing voices and loud music. He remembered looking up at the ceiling and that was it.

According to witnesses, the seizure was quite violent and lasted approximately 2.5 minutes.

We explained to the ER doctor that our daughter had a seizure 85 days after receiving her first Gardasil shot and that this was 83 days after Chad’s first Gardasil shot. The ER doctor basically told us we were crazy because Gardasil was just for girls. (The medical professionals don’t even know Gardasil is being given to boys? We constantly heard the same thing from numerous doctors.)

The ER called Danielle's neurologist and we got in to see him the next day. They did an EEG, and Chad's (like Danielle's) was normal. The neuro refused to make a connection to Gardasil and wanted to say it was 'familial.'

02 June 2010, again while at work, the school called telling me Chad had yet another Grand Mal seizure. Again, we met him at the ER. While there, Chad was explaining what he last remembered. Then, he looked up at me and said, "Mom, it's going to happen again."

Chad proceeded to have yet another Grand Mal seizure in the ER. The staff came in and shot him up with Ativan. When Chad came out of his seizure, he was totally out of it due to the medication.

Approximately ten minutes later, Chad had yet another Grand Mal seizure. Again, he was shot up with Ativan. He had an allergic reaction to the Ativan, and became extremely violent and irrational. It took 8-10 people to hold him down.

They tried Valium. Nothing would work. They finally had to have him transported to All Children's Hospital. He was put in the ICU and spent several days there. He was hooked up to an EEG the whole time, but nothing was picked up. By this time, he was put on a heavy dose of anti-seizure meds.

The evening of 17 June 2010, I was sleeping in bed when I heard Chad start screaming for me. I ran out to find him sitting on the kitchen floor with a horrified look on his face.

I yelled, "Chad, what's wrong? Is it going to happen again?

He couldn't speak, but just shook his head up and down once, still looking horrified.

I had his sister call 911, and Chad proceeded to have another Grand Mal seizure.

The EMT got there several minutes later, and said that he should be taken to the hospital because of his high heart rate. He was taken to All Children's. He had been having auras the entire time while we were there. He was vomiting and had a horrible headache and shoulder pain. Despite this, he was released.

We got home around 5 am; at 8 am, in his sleep, he had another Grand Mal seizure. He was finally admitted to the hospital. Again, he was hooked up the the EEG for several days. He had several auras while there, and finally, abnormal activity was picked up. Chad was finally diagnosed with epilepsy.

Despite the heavy anti-seizure meds, the seizures and auras kept happening. The depression that came along with the seizures and meds was unbearable. After Chad had another Grand Mal on July 29, the doctor added another medication.

In addition to the seizures, major depression, and shoulder pain, Chad is experiencing severe stomach problems. We started seeing another doctor who has run numerous tests. It has been determined that he has no good bacteria in his stomach. He is vitamin deficient and is now having to take super pro-biotics, vitamin MB12 shots (that he has to give himself), vitamin K2, Vitamin D, Super multi-vitamin, fish oils, etc. He's taking approximately 22 pills of some sort daily,

He has been on a special diet to see if the diarrhea will stop, but so far, it has not. We are hopeful that we will find a cure for him so that he starts to feel better. He has no energy, and he has lost his ability to concentrate and focus. Chad's GPA prior to this happening was 4.7. Now, he's saying that he can't remember the simplest of things and he's having a tough time in school.

I have been grateful that Danielle has been OK, but I've still been on edge with her. Just since this past weekend (23 Oct 2010), Danielle has been having recurring dizzy spells, which scare her. She has never had this before. Let's just pray we're not starting in with something new with her.

Both of my children were beautiful, bright, and extremely healthy children prior to being vaccinated with Gardasil. While they are still beautiful and bright, there has been a major change in their health and happiness.

There is absolutely no history of seizures on either side of our family. The medical profession, however, refuses to look at any cause other than hereditary. They refuse to admit what has really happened to my children.

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