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Breastfeeding May Program Long Term Metabolism

Posted May 04 2011 12:00am
Doctors are having conflicting views regarding the new and popular alternative to standard IVF treatment called “Mini IVF”. This new treatment has been promised by some clinics to reduce the cost of IVF by up to 25 percent, have a success rate of 60 percent in women under the age of 40 and cause fewer side effects. What more could one ask for?

In a press release written by Dr. Peyman Saadt, an infertility specialist from Beverly Hills, he claims that although this Mini IVF program produces fewer embryos, these embryos are actually superior in quality and therefore more useful than those yielded from standard IVF procedures. Furthermore, he goes on to say that using acupuncture as a part of the Mini IVF program can further increase ones chances of success.

However, not all fertility doctors agree with the claims being made by Dr. Saadt and other promoters of Mini IVF. Dr. Norbert Gleicher, founder of the Center for Human Reproduction in New York (CHR) expressed in an interview his concerns about the misconceptions about this type of infertility treatment :
“The premature introduction of “mini” (low-intensity) IVF into routine practice is worrisome. When we recently performed risk/benefit and cost/benefit analysis, comparing traditional and [Mini IVF], [Mini IVF] produced significantly reduced pregnancy rates than traditional IVF and, due to those much lower pregnancy rates, did not end up saving costs for patient. [Mini] IVF patients required more treatment attempts to achieve pregnancy. So they, of course, also ended up taking more time to reach pregnancy and birth. Currently, there is simply no evidence whatsoever in the literature that [Mini] IVF is either clinically or economically superior to traditional IVF. To the contrary, since it reduces pregnancy chances to a significant degree without the clinical or financial benefits, we feel strongly that it would be unethical to offer [Mini] IVF outside of experimental study frameworks, and without appropriate informed consent documentation." 
Resource: Mini IVF Treatment Gains Popularity, Concerns Docs
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