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Breast Reconstructive Surgery in Texas

Posted Feb 17 2012 4:21am

Breast reconstructive surgery in Texas can help to restore the fullness and natural shape of the breasts following a mastectomy. The treatment has become safer with great advancements in medical technology. Women whose breasts have not fully developed, or have abnormalities can all benefit from the procedure.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – Two Methods

There are two important and effective methods of reconstructive plastic surgery for the breasts. Both the methods are described below:

• Using Implants – Breast reconstruction with implants at the time of mastectomy is one method. The second method is by using tissue expanders. Either of two kinds of breast implants may be used – silicone or saline. The size and kind of implant selected for your purpose would depend on your body type, skin elasticity, breast structure and the increase in size you desire. The procedure does not call for much donor site morbidity from the patient’s side. In the tissue expander method, the expander is placed at the time of mastectomy. The patient has to come back every week and saline is added to the expander until the desired size is obtained and is increased by about 20%. The second step is removal of the expander and insertion of a well-defined breast implant.

• Using a DIEP Flap – The procedure uses a DIEP flap consisting of DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators) and the fat and skin attached to them to complete the missing portion of the breast. Thus, the procedure requires the patient’s own fat and tissue from the tummy area to develop a fresh breast mound following a mastectomy. As the abdominal muscles are left unharmed, the procedure helps to retain muscle strength. An important advantage of the procedure is that no artificial implants would be used. As tissue would be taken from the abdominal area, the procedure provides the advantageous effect of a tummy tuck.

When considering breast reconstructive surgery, it is important to have the right plastic surgeon perform the procedure for you. Consider the following guidelines:

• The plastic surgeon should have experience in successfully performing the particular technique of breast reconstruction you are interested in

• He should provide you all details regarding the procedure and possible risks and complications

• He should have verifiable credentials

• If he works at an accredited practice, that would be preferable. An example of an accreditation is AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities).

• Consider whether your surgeon provides services at a plastic surgery facility with the latest advanced equipment, and caring support staff.

Breast reconstructive surgery is offered at leading plastic surgery centers in Texas. Take advantage of the services of an experienced surgeon to achieve a truly womanly and youthful look.

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