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Posted Dec 23 2010 7:17pm

According to the principle of Homeopathy brain tumour is nothing but in the fact an abnormal growth taking place inside the brain - but that on its own is not the disease and is only a manifestation of the disease which is causing the growth in the first place. Removing the Brain Tumour surgically only temporarily alleviates the problems at the huge risk of a surgical operaiton, but does not address the disease at all - which is not the tumor but the reason why the tumor is growing.

And hence even after surgery there is a very high degree of instances when there is a new tumor growth seen in the same patient - which may be growing faster than the earlier one. It is because of this problem that all Brain Tumor patients who have undergone surgical treatment are advised to go for routine MRI scans at intervals of 4 to 6 months depending on the case. So that as soon as a new tumor is detected a repeat of the surgery is suggested. However, brain surgery is amongst the most risk prone of all surgeries.

It is important to point out that patients with all kinds of Brain Tumors - Astrocytoma - Low Grade and High Grade, Meningioma, Schwannonma, Lymphoma, Pituitary Adenoma, Glioblastoma and cover all the Grades I to IV are responded well by homeopathy treatment.

We treat them exclusively using the Advanced Homeopathic treatments created by Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy. These are specific repeatable procedures created for different types of Brain Tumor. Our treatment does not involve any kind of surgery as patients come to us to avoid surgery considering the risks and short comings associated with the surgical intervention of the brain.

Our treatment strategy aims to achieve the following:

  1. Take care of any kind of pains the patient may be suffering from
  2. Provide treatment for the Brain Tumor with an objective to immediately redress the most pressing symptoms being suffered by the patient. This may inlcude:
    • Seizures
    • Convulsions
    • Loss of function leading to paralytic condition of the patient that prevents him to continue the normal life functions that allows the patient to carry on an independant life.
    • Loss of vision or ability to eat
    • Dementia - or loss of memory or ability to perform some specific mental functions
  3. In majority of the cases the patient is able to see these acute symptoms of Brain Tumor improving in a matter of weeks. However, this is dependent on each individual case.
  4. Gradually we are seeing that the patient's condition keeps on improving and after a few months when subsequent CT or MRI scans are performed it is seen that the size of the tumor is diminishing steadily. However, even without the scans it is quite obvious that the Brain Tumor is improving because the blatant symptoms that were being exhibited like loss of vision, lack of control of limbs and muscles, siezures, etc.
  5.  For patients who have already gone for an operation for Brain Tumour it is observed that our medication reduces the chances of growth of new tumours.


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