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Biological Age Test

Posted Aug 04 2009 12:48am 1 Comment

Biological Age test Calculating Biological Age. It’s not a secret that there are lots of ways to calculate biological age. Most known and most popular free methods are questionnaires. When you answer a series of questions about your habits and lifestyle, you’ll get an answer based on what your age should be. Assuming that the questionnaire covers all sides of your wellbeing answered correctly from your side, the physiological input is missing. As an example, your body might be experiencing a lack of a particular vitamin or got a disease on the early stage. The latter lowers your biological age significantly while you can’t feel that yet. And that is not taken into account to report your biological age.Therefore, the result from questionnaire is less likely to be correct.

Biological Age assessment - new method. Being aware of this problem, scientists and academicians from USA and Europe have spent several years on research about the subject of biological ageing. They came up with a simple to use tool that evaluates person’s biological age in 1 minute. This test can be performed at home or a health club that is enrolled into Health Reviser’s wellness program. But how it works?

Biological Age Test - how it works. We mentioned above about the physiological input to assess biological age correctly. This “physiological input” is implemented in Biological Age test. A small sensor, attached to your ear clip or a finger, helps Health Reviser to collect needed data from your body to make a thorough analysis of your autonomic nervous system and give a result. It’s well known in scientific world that autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling many major organs of your body. When any of body organs is not functioning properly, autonomic nervous system reports it immediately. Another important thing to analyze is baroreceptor strength. It’s known that this parameter is declining with age. The reason is simple: the sensitiveness of the body to any external or internal stimulant makes body easily adaptable to new environment and tells about its strong immunity to fight diseases. Therefore, it was decided to include both ANS and baroreceptor strength analysis into Biological Age test.

Now Biological Age Test is a simple to use tool that can be used at any computer by anybody to assess biological age. Person will get a detailed report containing person’s current biological age, biological age trend and a progress from the last test. It is an essential tool to monitor health condition and reveal some of the hidden health issues of the body.

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Thanks for the intro. I'm currently using Biological Age Test from Health Reviser. Wanted to ask, my biological age in the morning is slightly higher than Health Reviser shows me in the evening (1.5 years difference). Can you advice why is that? Health Reviser recommends using Biological Age Test once a week but I wonder what's wrong measuring it daily?
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