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Posted Sep 18 2009 8:33am

One thing is for certain: Americans, despite all of their knowledge and great technology, are becoming less and less healthy.  Why do you think this is?  I believe that this is due to something called "bio-availability," or its lack in our foods... I would dare to suggest that most of what we eat is processed, therefore, not bio-available.  Even our meats can be purchased in a can!

So, what exactly is bio-availability?In simple terms, any food that is bio-available is a nutrient that is easily recognized and absorbed by our bodies.  In comparison, when something synthetic is ingested, the body's cells are unable to recognize it as a familiar "cell" component, or a nutrient in its natural state.  The cells do not recognize each other as properties that should feed off of each other, making it harder to digest and absorb. Most products that we buy at our local grocery stores are not bio-available.  Especially if the product is designed to be preserved long-term. This means that the nutritional benefit of most of what we eat is minimal, if at all beneficial to our bodies.

I like to explain it this way: when buying a food product that is not bio-available, your body will only be receiving or absorbing a small portion of it as nutrient.  The body is unable to digest this food properly, therefore, is not able to retain enough nutrients from it in order to function the way that it should.   

How do you know which foods to buy? In general, the less complicated words there are on a food label, the better it is for you.

Buying preserved foods means that most of us eat for the sake of eating, and not for the sake of nourishing ourselves.. Many of us gain weight or get sick and don't even know why!  I hear people say things like: "I don't understand it, I eat well," or "I eat regular meals and stay on a good exercise plan - why do I feel so bad?" The truth is, if you're not consciously choosing your food, it won't matter what you do.  The problem is that you're choosing the wrong food and that many times, the wrong food is not so obvious.


Note: The fewer ingredients listed o the label, the healthier it is for you.  


Have you ever felt tired or maybe felt some pains after eating a meal?  Have you ever had a skin rash somewhere on your body and couldn't figure out where it came from?  Have you ever linked how you felt physicaly or emotionally to your food intake or supplementation?  I ask you today to at least think about it - the only way to change what you dislike about your health is through knowledge.  Start with your own body's kowledge; acknolwedge how you feel after eating.  Pretty soon, you'll become aware of what you should do without.


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