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Benign Renal Glycosuria

Posted by Moog

I have recently been diagnosed with Benign Renal Glycosuria.  In a routine yearly physical my doc found glucose in my urine which immediately makes you think diabetes.  Well my blood sugar is fine.  She did a 24 hour urine and found 3500 mg of glucose in my urine.  A normal person excretes no more than 65 mg of glucose a day.  She ran boat loads of tests and I am healthy...nothing else wrong with me. 

She sent me to a urologist who in turn sent me to a nephrologist.  That was the last stop the neprologist told me that she thinks I have a benign genetical disorder (benign renal glycosuria) and that she recommends no further action.  I just excrete high volumes of sugar into my urine.  Strange!!!

Well one of my concerns is that I'm always tired.  Always!  I've asked about the fatigue and I basically just get told that I do too much.  Well I don't think that is true.  I'm 32 years old, I work 45 hours a week and I sew when I get home as a hobby.  That doesn't seem like a lot to me.  I find it hard to wake up in the morning and I am just wiped out all day.  I don't exercise regularly which I know I should but even when I had a regular exercise routine I was just as tired if not more.

I believe that glucose is turned into glycogen and glycogen is where energy comes from....I think I'm right on that.  So I'm wondering if the fact that my kidneys are not processing my sugar back into my body and instead just excreting it into my urine is this the cause for my fatigue?  I asked the nephrologist and she had nothing to say about it.  Probably because she just doesn't know.  Everything that I have found on this disease says there are no symptoms but that it is a rare disease and not much is known about it so could this be the source of my fatigue????

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Try vitamin B complex in excess for few days (it worked for me).

Can you answer me the result.

Maybe I have the same problem (my glucose urine measurement were always above normal  and till now I have not developed diabetes).

MT, Europe

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