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Ayurvedic Medicine -All About Ayurveda Medicines

Posted Jul 09 2009 2:56am

Ayurvedic medicine, also known as Ayurveda medicine, herbal medicine or natural medicine is a kind of medication where formulas are composed of various Ayurvedic herbs and minerals. Ayurvedic medicines are generally considered as safe and effective for chronic ailments and are less likely to work on acute conditions.


There is a noticeable growth in sales of Ayurvedic medicines worldwide due to a lot of complications that come from allopathic (modern or contemporary) medication. Almost all modern medicines, though give immediate relief, are likely to damage body tissues, cells or systems one or the other way, especially when consumed for quite a long time.


Ayurvedic medicine, as described in holy healing science of Ayurveda, is composed of potential herbs those have been described in Ayurvedic pharmacopeia called dravyaguna and rasashashtra. While preparing Ayurvedic medicine, the maker has to follow strict rules and regulations as wrongly prepared or combined herbs and minerals may bring a severe complication.


Globally, especially in Western Countries and Europe, Ayurvedic medicines have yet not managed to get legalized i.e. approved by local health board. This is because of scientific evaluation of Ayurvedic medicines has revealed a potentially danger amounts of heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury. However, in Ayurveda, these medicines are called as rasaoushadhis ( rasa means minerals and aushadhis means –the medicines) those have been prepared after fully confirmation of turning hazardous components into a bio-friendly consumable medicine.


Nevertheless, Ayurvedic medicine is far-known for its potentiality curing stubborn disease such as arthritis, obesity, infertility, high blood pressure, neurological conditions, cosmetic problems and top of all Ayurvedic medicines have been widely prescribed as to rejuvenate and revitalize human body.


The problem with Ayurvedic medicine is lack of strict rules and regulations by local government. Ayurvedic medicines, being a ‘daily health supplement’ and ‘kitchen remedy’ can be prepared by any local vendor and is being sold over the counter with no difficulties. The usage of metal and other components are not being observed by Food and Drug Department in India, the major hub for manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines. However, the general awareness and advancement in pharmaceuticals have made Ayurvedic medicines’ manufacturers to be very careful producing such medicines and formulas. If used in a proper way, herbo-mineral medication can do wonders and can treat even most stubborn health ailments those have not responded to any other treatments and therapies. However, such medication should be under strict supervision of Ayurvedic expert.
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