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Are you a candidate for Rhytidectomy!

Posted Feb 14 2013 11:56am

The advent of facial implants has brought about a revolution in the field of cosmetic surgery and particularly facial implants. People are no longer hesitating to get the look that they wanted to achieve, be it a stronger looking masculine jaw line for men or elevated cheekbones for women.

As such there has been a significant transformation in the field of Facial Augmentation over the past couple of decades and people are freely opting for Facial Plastic Surgeries of nose, jaw chin and cheeks.

Facelift procedure is one of the most important aspect of cosmetic surgery procedures. It helps us procure a beautiful looking vibrant face, it is the very first apex of surgical help to restore a good looking face. So that we get instant recognition by others with their very first glance towards us. The face forms a major part of our identity and therefore its importance in the field of cosmetic surgery is supreme.


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Rhytidectomy or face lift procedure is not a procedure that goes well with everyone so you need to go in for a prior consultation and get your doubts cleared about whether you are a right candidate for a face lift cosmetic surgery.

Dr Connors is a verified and board certified cosmetic surgeon who gives you the right consultation and helps you make a choice for the surgery by providing you with all the requisite details and information of the procedure. Thereby letting you know whether you are ideally suited to undergo the treatment or not.

The procedure as conducted by Dr Connors will require you to be anesthetized and incisions would be made to remove excess fat from the skin and make the face tighter and more firm. He would make sure that the incisions are as minimal as possible as well as vaguely visible.

After the procedure is completed you would experience slight swelling and bruising over the face during the recovery phase which is bound to disappear or fade away within a short span of time, after which you can notice the effects of the treatment and the changes will definitely last for a long time.

So if you are thinking of going in for a facial cosmetic procedure and are vexed whether you are a right candidate for it or not , do not worry you can clear your doubts with the expert consultation   of Dr. Connors.

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