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Are Painkillers Safe to Use?

Posted Apr 09 2012 12:00am
The group of painkillers known as opiates has been spurring a major addition problem in the United States, especially oxycodone, which is the main ingredient in drugs like Percocet and Oxycontin and hydrocodone is the main ingredient in a drug like Vicodin.

While it is assumed that these drugs when taken under a doctor’s supervision can be safe and effective for treating pain, they are presenting seriously problems for young people and also those that have addictive tendencies. This is one of the reasons that pain specialists are doing their best to find other safe and effective ways to treat pain that don’t fully rely on pain medication.

Pain management and back pain car accident specialists at Accuhealth, for example, other a variety of safe and effective treatments for chronic and acute pain so that medication is not the only option for patients.

In fact, their name “painkiller” many believe that it is a misnomer since they do little to kill pain. Instead they block the pain signals sent to the brain. People that misuse or overuse painkillers as a result distort the way their brain receives pleasure and pain responses.

To learn more about safe and effective approaches to treating pain read about pain and car accident injury Dallas specialists.

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