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"Apple control" should be alert to hand the joint disease!

Posted Sep 29 2012 2:04pm

"Right hand into the mouse hand, the finger into touch screen hand, stomach cocoon, joint use of excessive, can't afford to hurt!" Recently, wuhan "fanta elder sister" in micro bo sun on the role of "apple hand" photos, draw many netizens resonance. Orthopaedic expert reminds, "apple control" should be alert to "touch screen hand", "the mouse hand" and so on the hand joint pathological changes.

"Fanta elder sister" is a company marketing personnel, is a real "apple control" : to play games with ipad, cell phone use iphone, laptop is apple, and only touch screen function. She says, oneself love to use ipad play one called "cut fruit" game, the game the index finger on the screen quickly sliding, the friction, "fingers as if is on fire".

Recently, the "fanta elder sister" found that often wear leather index finger's belly long out of the thick callus, finger, wrist joint pain, weakness, and even open the fridge is very difficult, "how to do ah, touch screen hand, mouse hand together attack, right hand will not destroy the?"

Wuhan university people's hospital joint surgery FangHongSong professor says, the use of touch screen and mouse, fingers because of repeated click, friction and so on the movement, skin, muscle, joint ligament long time in fatigue state, will cause finger movements not flexible, wrist joint swelling, unable to wait for a symptom. So "apple control" in the use of touch screen, at least every 30 minutes to rest for a while; Finger to slightly bend to buffer friction; Touch screen power to moderate; Every day to wash your hands with warm water, press the finger two times; Usually want to do more gripper, cutting, such as massage to relax action. Symptoms, usable hot water soak a finger or wrist, serious should be timely seek medical advice.


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